The primary goal of the Maimonides Heritage Center is to make the teachings of the Great Eagle Maimonides accessible so that it can resonate among all people, especially those looking for a sophisticated and intellectually rigorous approach to Judaism and religion.

The ongoing programs at the Center Include:

1. Legacy of Maimonides Museum which open to the public with state of the art multi-media and educational displays

2. Sherut Le’Umi Midrasha meets and studies at the center one and a half days a week and serves the community in a range of services the rest of the week. There are 40 women in the program

3. Rambam Evening Kollel in the Bet Midrash welcomes guests and visitors to join in the text based study. Arvit every evening at 10:00 PM

4. Avot U’Banim Program for father and son once a week. Texts are prepared the fathers and sons learn together and then process material with a group leader

5. Imahot U’Banot Program for mothers and daughter meets once a week at the center.

6. Annual Yom Iyun on the teaching of Maimonides. The date is on or around the 20th of Tevet the date of Maimonides’ passing.

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