The spirit that propels the efforts of the Maimonides Heritage Center or in Hebrew, Mercaz Moreshet HaRambam, is based on the belief that Rambam’s legacy is not only relevant but a compelling religious and philosophic voice in modern man’s / woman’s search for a spiritual community and personal equanimity.

A clear and correct reemergence of Rambam’s worldview can have a profound influence on Jews and non-Jew, in Israel and in the diaspora.

A central feature of Rambam’s religious and moral worldview was Chesed, acts of love and kindness. The primary focus of the Maimonides Heritage Center Chesed activities are in the city of Tiveria. The Maimonides Heritage Center has embarked on numerous ambitious social welfare programs assisting families in crisis, single parents, elderly, and eliminating hunger.

We at the Maimonides Heritage Center see our dual mission of Torat HaRambam and Torat Chesed as a way for perpetuating the legacy of the Nesher HaGadol, the Great Eagle, HaRambam and making the world a better place.

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