A highlight on MHC’s yearly calendar is its annual three-day conference, dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Maimonides. Centered around one of the greatest figures in Jewish history, the conference seeks to preserve and transmit the spiritual, analytical, philosophical, scientific, and all-encompassing voice of transmission, precision and reason that is Maimonides. An extraordinary amount of learning takes place at the conference, as Rambam’s outlook and philosophy is analyzed, discussed and lectured upon. The education, inspiration and impact of the conference long endures and propels its participants forward, in their own life’s journey.

In addition to teaching Torat HaRambam, the conference furthers our goal of preservation and revitalization. Tiveria is a vibrant city and home to an enormous amount of Jewish history. The imperativeness to preserve Tiberias’s many heritage sites is highlighted in lecture and discussion. Participants tour these and other sites, absorbing the beauty that is Tiberias, and providing a crucial and substantial boost to the local economy.

In 2016 over 900 people participated in our three-day conference, held at Hof Guy hotel in Tiveria. Distinguished speakers and scholars presented at the conference, such as the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Nobel Prize Winner Professor Yisrael (Robert) Auman, Professor Menachem Kellner, as well as Chief Justice Elyakim Rubenstein, President of Shaare Zion Hospital Professor Yonatan HaLevy and former President of Bar Ilan University Moshe Kaveh. Three Mayors of Tiberias have celebrated with us at the conference over the last ten years, highlighting our bond with the city and our significance to its economy.

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