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How You Can Help

We get countless calls and emails from friends, supporters and those who want to help make a difference in another person’s life. Here are some suggestions:

1. Make a financial commitment to feed a child or a group of children. We have tried to make the process of contributing as easy as possible. If you face any sort of difficulty feel free to call or email us.

2. Help create an afterschool program in Tiberias by providing the financial resources necessary to do so.

3. Make a financial contribution to our general fund which we use to maintain our various programs and activities on a daily basis in Tiberias.

4. Invite Rabbi Yamin Levy to speak and teach in your community. Rabbi Levy is thoughtful, relevant and inspiring. He is most passionate about the teaching of Maimonides. Discuss with him an appropriate topic for your community.

5. Utilize the educational material on this site and share it with friends and educators so that we move the outlook of our community to a place that is more inclusive and progressive.

6. Visit Tiberias when you’re in Israel. Unfortunately too many people travel to Israel and visit the entire country except Tiberias. When you do visit Tiberias don’t just hang around the boardwalk and hotel pool – go into the town and say hello to the residents and support their local businesses. Your tour guide will try to convince you that there is nothing to see. This is not true the people of Tiberias are wonderful – get to know them.

7. Create a Maimonides Heritage Center chapter in your community. The chapter can meet and study the texts of Maimonides and can help rally support for the Maimonides Heritage Center and Tiberias.

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