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Why Maimonides Chose to be Buried in Tiberias?

Originally when the Bet HaMikdash was built – the Supreme Court of Israel, the Sanhedrin, convened in the Lishkat HaGazit, the Temple Square for the Non-Kohen (Ezrat Israel) …

when our situation deteriorated and the Sanhedrin was exiled it went from place to place – ten different places until their last place of meeting, which was in Tiveria.

Since then there has not been a Sanhedrin.
It is our tradition that the Sanhedrin will reconvene in Tiveria prior to returning to the Temple Mount.

Mishneh Torah, Sanhedrin Chapter 14:12

Below are some recently published essay by Rabbi Yamin Levy
How we know Maimonides is Buried in Tiberias

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