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Feed-A-Family Program

Feed-A-Family Food Delivery Program Along with the continuing educational programs that delve into the man, the life, and the legacy of Maimonides, the Maimonides Heritage Center is continually committed to a variety of social service programs that assist and bring renewed hope to the needy families in Tiberias.

Our Feed-A-Family Food Delivery Program is one such initiative. Over 80 families can expect a weekly delivery of nutritional foods and staples to their homes. These families include single parent homes, elderly who are homebound and those who just can’t make ends meet. The food is delivered by young men and women, who voluntarily go out and purchase or procure the food, package it and deliver it. The needy families are identified by local community leaders who have access to information about the needs of various members in their community.

There is no greater and more splendid happiness that to gladden the hearts of the poor, the orphans, the widows and the converts. One who brings happiness to the hearts of those less fortunate resembles the Shechinah the divine presence, which Isaiah the Prophet describes [as having the tendency] ‘to revive the spirit of the less fortunate and those with broken hearts’”

Maimonides MT Megilah 2:17

Help Feed a Family today!
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$25 feeds a family this week

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